At Lake Rose Christian Academy, we provide the A.C.E. and Ignitia curriculums. These curriculums offer a wide variety of subjects that guide students toward a high level of learning. They provide the best learning experience for your child. Christ-centered lessons and interactive features are designed to serve students.

For over 40 years, A.C.E. has been the trendsetter in Biblical education. This self-paced program allows students to work in individualized workbooks called P.A.C.E.'s. Each P.A.C.E. allows students to work at their own grade level in each of the core subjects: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Word Building. This program allows our teachers to create a customized education plan to help students with learning gaps catch up. This program was also designed to allow students to excel past their grade level, all while learning biblical principles that allow students to learn about God's word and how they can apply scripture to their everyday life.

Based on experience gained by providing an effective Christ-centered curriculum since 1977, Ignitia™ provides solutions to both short and long-term challenges faced by Christian educators in this unique market. Some of the most exciting components of Ignitia™ are:

• Engaging fundamental course content
• Biblical worldview
• Interactive, student-driven lessons
• Progressive scheduling and lesson planning
• Built-in flexibility to accommodate differentiated learning
• Unsurpassed administrative control
• Strong, reliable security safeguards
• Easy-to-use interface


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