Refund and Returns Policy

Refund Policy

At Lake Rose Christian Academy, we are committed to delivering our customers the best quality products and services. To ensure clarity and understanding regarding our refund practices, please carefully review the following policy:

  1. No Refunds Upon Receipt: Once you receive your order, refunds are not accepted. Please make sure to carefully review your purchase before finalizing the transaction.
  2. Size Restrictions on Refunds: Orders for sizes XXL and larger are final and will not be refunded. Ensure you select your sizes carefully when placing an order.
  3. Refund Request Window: If for any reason you believe you are entitled to a refund (with the exception of sizes XXL and larger), the request must be made within 14 days from the date of purchase. Any refund requests made beyond this 14-day period will not be entertained.
  4. How to Request a Refund: Refund requests must be submitted either by:
    • Phone: Call us at 407-434-9988.
    • Email: Send your refund request details to [email protected].

When making a refund request, kindly provide your order number, date of purchase, and a detailed reason for the request to help us process it as swiftly as possible.

Please note that all refunds are subject to review and approval by our team. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your business.